Mary Mary – Go Get It

No One Can Do It For Me. I Must Do It Myself.

   What would I do without this song motivating me to “GO GET” what will make me successful. I have to be a doer…which is an action word. I have to take the necessary steps to grow my business. Education is key! Implementing what I’ve learned in school/classes to generate growth in this industry. I gotta Get IT! IT’S MINE!


When A Hair Care Visit Goes Wrong!


The 2-year-old client is holding donut stick after a hair care attempted.
The funniest thing has happened to me today. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a new client age 2. He was the cutest little feller. He came into my studio with his grandfather and a smile. I looked at his hair. It was long, curly & wavy. I couldn’t wait to get my hands into his hair & freestyle some straight back cornrows.

Little Cutie Pants came with a warning from his grandfather. He said, “That boy hate to get his hair comb. He is cutting up!” I told his grandfather in my confident voice, “I got it. I specialize in children hair care. I know how to win him over.”

    I got down on one knee (eye level) to chat with this cute little feller about me styling his hair. All seemed to be going well. I draped him with a stylish poncho cape & proceeded to put him in the chair. He stiffened his legs to prevent himself from sitting in the presidency. Me, not knowing what was going on proceeding to sit him down in the chair again &…….. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!

 Little Cutie Pants started going Ham, Eggs & Cheese on me! He was fighting, kicking and screaming at me. I was scared yall. LOL His grandfather said, “OH NO!” & jump into the fight. Granddad tried to calm him, but it didn’t work. Needless to say, we both got our tails kicked. I was so shocked at how strong a 2-year-old boy can be.

 I didn’t get a chance to style his hair the way his grandfather would have liked. However, it was still cool to meet a new potential client. Not every child is comfortable interacting with new people. The head/hair is an area of the body children only allow their loved ones to touch. Hopefully by his next visit, Little Cutie Pants will begin to trust me.

Lesson Learned: Children are just like adults. Many of us are very leery when meeting new people, let alone allowing someone to touch us anywhere on our body. Children are the same way, but I feel they get a bad reputation when they are also leery of new people touching them. When servicing children, hairstylist have to begin their day knowing that children can be unpredictable. They need to be respected and showed love regardless of their behavior. There has to be a level of understanding that they may or may not feel like being serviced. I will like to thank Little Cutie Pants parents & grandfather for attempting to trust me to be his stylist for the day. I appreciate all opportunities given to me.