Part 2: International National Natural Hair Meetup Day

My Presentation on Natural Hair Care for Children.

Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio giving an easy hair
 demonstration for parents during International National Natural Hair Meetup Day. 
   Again, I will like to give Pamela Jenkins of Koils by Nature a huge thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be exposed to her loving and most loyal audience. I do not take what she has done for me lightly. I am extremely appreciative of her kindness.

   Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio is my business brand, however while speaking at events I become a representation of every family who has young children with natural hair. I speak to their hearts. I speak of their needs. I come to serve families by providing them with information on how to care for their child’s hair at home. Besides, I have always promoted healthy bonding during hair care between mom & child. How can that be if mom/dad is always frustrated with caring for their child’s hair? I speak to that need in their busy lives. How can I make hair care easier for mom & child?

   During International National Natural Hair Meetup Day, I spoke to parents on the importance of hair washing with a cleanser….not Co-washing. I am not 100% anti-co-wash but I am against it if it’s the only method of cleaning the scalp & hair. Those of you who are unfamiliar with Co-washing, Co-washing is washing hair with conditioner only minus the shampoo. Conditioner is not a cleanser but a softener/moisture restorer. In my opinion should not be used in the place of shampoo. Physical activity is a huge part of a child’s life. They sweat, they scratch, they play in dirt, the list goes on and on. There are time children may actually put dirt in their hair. My daughter Be’ is sometime the worst offender of getting dirt in her hair. God forbid I rinse her hair out with water only & then put conditioner on her hair. In the words of my mentor Jamesha Bazemore, ” The idea of Co-washing is like washing your body with lotion.” Could you imagine feeling sweaty, needing a shower & washing up with lotion? Now doesn’t that sound nasty? lol It isn’t a practice of good hygiene. In other words it isn’t sanitary.

Simple Double Strand Twist semi twist-out/pin-up.
The twist are pinned up on one side. Very easy for parents to style themselves.

   I also gave a quick and easy hair demonstration of a 2 in 1 hairstyle parents can do at home.The style I’ve chosen for the demo was Double Strand Twist. My daughter Be’ was my hair model. Prior to the event, I Twisted Be’s hair dividing the hair in 4 large sections. In each section were 4 large twist. In the front of her hair, I cornrowed 3 medium sized cornrows and twisted them at the ends. I called this style 2 in 1 because parents can allow their child to wear the twist one week and the following week wear the twist in a semi twist-out/pin-up. Add a cute little bow……and BOOM! The style is restored with very little effort on the parents part. The key is to make the hair care experience for parents easier. Zero effort = Zero Frustration for parents.

   At the end of my presentation, I gave away over 10 items from my favorite product line Bobeam Natural Hair Products which was a huge hit with the audience. I think Bobeam is an awesome 100% all natural product and at an amazing price. What parent wouldn’t want a great product for a great price?

   I really had a great time sharing with the audience. I must admit secretly my heart was a little over whelmed with joy. Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio the business (not the blog) is almost 2 years old beginning July 21, 2011. To see my name on the program listed amongst the greats such as Adeea Rogers, celebrity stylist Felicia Leatherwood, Veola Jolly, Diana, Andrene, and Erin was so cool. I will remember this always. I’ve really been working hard with keeping myself educated in natural hair & business. It is great to see that I am amongst great leaders in the Natural Hair Community and I am one more face representing the Children’s Natural Hair Care Market which is a force to be reckoned with.

Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio is covering the Children’s Hair Care segment. 

Stay Tuned for Part 3: My Commentary of being a vendor during INNHMD! If you haven’t read Part 1 click Here.


International National Natural Hair Meetup Day 2013 RECAP

An Event To Remember. Part 1 of my 3 part commentary.

   It is always a pleasure meeting up with curl friends across the country. Everyone was on FIRE, PUMPED, and ready to ENJOY all the festivities International National Natural Hair Meetup Day had planned. Attendees were rocking their hottest outfits, wearing their hair big, bold & in elaborate hairstyles. People of all ages were represented at this event. Many curl friends are only able to meetup once or twice a year. But when we all get together, it’s always a blast! Felicia Leatherwood killed it!……and I repeat, KILLED IT! 

   This years International National Natural Hair Meetup Day was very special because the founder of this enormous event Adeea Rogers (aka The Trendy Socialite) spent the day with us here in the DMV. It was really cool to meet the woman behind this one day phenomenon. This event was such a success. Adeea should be very proud.

 Right to Left: Me & Adeea Rogers looking fab.

   Pamela Jenkins of Koils by Nature was the gracious host of the DMV meetup. Pam really KNOWS how to put an event together. There is never a dull moment. What I love most about Pam’s events is her hospitality towards her guest. She treat people with grace. Her volunteer staff also handled guests with the same kind spirit. Her staff came ready to serve. This event was well planned out.

   Packed house, positive energy, free healthy refreshments. Yo, there was even a restaurant in the building……Oh come on, yall know I got my eat on. Bahahaha. HUGE giveaways. Exciting Workshops for people of all ages. Networking with other vendors was delightful. The excitement among business people was inspiring. FUN, FUN, FUN! If I had to grade this event it was by far a grade A+. I really enjoyed myself. I am glad Pam has agreed to host International National Natural Hair Meetup Day next year. Lord willing, I WILL BE IN THE HOUSE!

Stay tuned for Part 2: My commentary of me teaching on Children Hair Care during INNHMD. & Part 3: My commentary of  being a Vendor during INNHMD.

Looking Back In The Past: July 30, 2011

An Open Letter I Wrote To My Family & Close Friends.

Typically, looking back in the past isn’t a good thing for me to do. Most times when I look at my past, I think of all the bad things that has happened and want to run, tuck my tail & hide under a rock somewhere. Looking back in the past (outside of my fun childhood memories growing up) can be depressing. Who wants to be depressed? I know I don’t. But I am so glad to have come across this open letter I wrote to my family and close friends almost 2 years ago. I am so glad to have kept my dairy. It is amazing to see how things has really changed for me in a positive way. Open letter is written below.

Hear A Deep Voice Shouting NEWNESS!
by Keianna on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at 12:22am

“Hello Everyone!
   I am sharing something with you all from a real & pure place. Sharing my purity with others is a hard task for me to do. I do not like the feeling of being vulnerable. I write this in the hopes of not just encouraging myself, but to also show love by encouraging someone else. Please bear with me family.
   There are 3 components to being a woman. Woman, Wife, & Mother. Two of my components are complete. I am a wonderful wife to my husband. He tells me so often. We are in love with one another as if we just met. Our love life in my opinion is GRAND! Component number 2 is also fulfilled. Motherhood is a joy for me because I always wanted to be a mom. The relationship I have with my children is a remarkable one. Although all of my children are different, all 4 of them act exactly like me. They are emotional & affectionate just like me. LOL….Sometimes, we have our bad moments. However for the most part we really get alone with one another.
   The 3rd component is not as easy as the first 2 components. I always find myself seeking fulfillment within myself privately. On the outside and all around me things are great…..but I struggle a lot inwardly. Not so much with my self image because although I am over weight, I know I have the power to change it. I am working on that. The struggle I have is with my Inner Woman.
   My Inner Woman is a pure and honest woman. She is sensitive. She is quite. She is loving. She always strive for what is right. However, she has been hurt over the years. She’s been hurt by betrayal as well as hurt by her own mistakes. These painful experiences forced her to create a shell to hid in. She has recently informed that she is ready to come out and experience life. I am not sure if I am ready for her to come out yet. She has asked me, “WHY CAN’T I COME OUT?”…..I told her, “Because I am fearful.” As I stated before, being vulnerable is not a feeling I enjoy. Being vulnerable is truly out of my comfort-zone. But I can not allow her to hide within me forever.
   NEWNESS, NEWNESS, NEWNESS! Is what I have been telling myself for the past few days. I know I can’t keep hiding my Inner Woman. I know for a fact when I let her out, she is going to be a blessing to all who meet her. Secretly, she has really been a loving blessing to me. She has comfort me and had some wonderful conversations within me. We share the same dreams and hopes. I love her so much. My love for my Inner Woman is the reason why I protected her for so many years. For without her, there is no ME!
Here is the song that has been on my heart.”

Lesson Learned: When I look back, I have also discovered that July 2011 was the same month I decided to go to Natural Hair School. It was the beginning of my professional career as a Natural Hair Care Specialist. I am so glad that I allowed myself to stop holding my Inner Woman back from succeeding. To be successful, one has to take risk. I took a risk of allowing myself to be who I am. I am so glad I shared this letter with my family. It is awesome to see that in 2013, my Inner Woman is doing big things!