Stepping Out Immaturely Will Show Your Lack Of Experience.

In Business, Great Things Doesn’t Happen Over Night.

   At the beginning of my hair styling journey, I wanted to be exactly like my hair industry idols. Shanti Walker, Aziza Yasmine, Denise Crump, April B, Jamesha Bazemore & my sister Katrina Johnson are all my favorite hair stylist to observe. I admire them for many different reasons. Shanti is an amazing Loc Stylist. Aziza creates the hottest/spunkiest natural hairstyles. April B is a famous/talented natural hair stylist. Denise is a creative natural hair stylist. Katrina is a high-quality professional braider. There is no limit to the kinds of braids she can style. Jamesha service the whole family. She is informative, resourceful and an excellent children hair stylist. If I can become embodied with all that I admire about these talented individuals, I would be the total package as a hair stylist.

   Although I applaud their work, I may have taken my admiration a little too far. Instead of just praising their work, I began to strive to be an equal without considering the years of hard work they put into their careers.
“There is no such things as a great talent without great will power.
Hard work without talent is a shame. But talent without hard work is a tragedy.”
Jon Gonzales
   Sometimes when a person becomes a new entrepreneur, it is easy to see the incredible possibilities first without clearly understanding that there are significant steps to be made before success can come to pass or manifested. In business, great things don’t happen overnight but over a course of time.
   I recognized I was burning myself out trying to keep up with the Jones. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars trying to keep up with events and not investing my money in the proper places all in the name of “GETTING MY NAME OUT THERE!” Last year I had a mental crash. I had zero to show for myself. It was a hard position to be in. I was sad and lost. The money I spent on events could have been spent to restore my business. I remember one time spending all my money to support someone else dream that I didn’t have enough money to restock on the product for my own business. Thank goodness for a second chance to make things right. I no longer do such things. I decided to learn not only more hair styling techniques but business ethics and industry conduct. I also decided if I was going to be successful in this industry, I needed an industry mentor.
   As I began to learn ethical conduct, it made me more business minded. Which gave me the motivation I needed to practice hair styling during my spare time. Which in return gave me the confidence to trust in my hair styling abilities.


My progress while attending Madam Walkers Braidery & School. Learn + Practice =Results.
   The key to being a good hair stylist is to learn the skill and practice what was learned. Practice makes perfect. Training builds patience. Patience builds character. Practice build confidence. Confidence builds trust in oneself and abilities.
   Today I have more faith in my hair styling abilities than I did two years ago. I can’t wait to see my skill level as a stylist five years from now. WOW! I am anticipating the very thought in my head.

Lesson Learned: Never Jump The Gun! It will stress you out every time. It is OK to learn from your mentors but never try to be on their level without considering the steps taken to get to where they are. Stepping out will not only show your lack of experience but will make you appear foolish to those watching you professionally. I now recognize that my validation is in the hard work I put into my career. In due season, my work will speak for itself. Learn + Practice = Results. I also now know the value of money as a business woman. I need money to make more money. I can’t spend frivolously.

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No Blessing Can Be Manifested In Life Without Gratitude.

I Am Grateful For All Of YOU!

Hey, Everyone! ~waving at you~

   I often ask the question during my time of reflection, “How did I get to this wonderful point-in-time in my life?” I ponder….I smile to myself. It was because of my blog Chi Chi Sophistication Kids that has given me more blessings than I could ever dream of.

   When I started my blog in 2010, I stopped teaching after giving birth to my daughter Be’. I became a stay-at-home mom who was sad and unfulfilled due to the fact I was no longer working. During that time, I didn’t know how to style hair. I decided to document my experiences with styling my daughter’s hair along with my neighbors children, and the children of my close family and friends. Now 4 years later, I am a certified Natural Hair Stylist for Children. Again I ask myself, “How did I get here?” The road always lead me back to my blog and all my wonderful followers. Without my blog, I wouldn’t have the platform I have today.

   I can remember while writing blog post in the past, not knowing who was behind the computer screen reading my writing. I wondered if people liked me. I would wonder if someone would comment on my post or if I was important to at least one person in blog land. I would question myself, “Does MY voice matter?”

Flat Twist I styled December 9, 2010.

    When I log into my business website, I read stories of parents who are struggling with their children hair. They are seeking my hair care services/advice to make their busy lives easier. It makes me feel good in my soul to have something available to help someone else yet allow me to do what I love. I am often times extremely critical of myself. I want so badly to flourish in my profession. I invest huge amounts of time & money to make sure what I have to offer to the public is legitimate. To see that someone else find great value in my work as a stylist/educator makes me grateful.

   Gratitude. Gratitudethankfulnessgratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. Gratitude is a sincere appreciation
for blessings or help we have received.

   When I look at a tree, I see life & growth. Pretty much like my career. Although the tree is big, tall & strong. It would be nothing without water and sun light. I recognize that I’m not where I am today solely of my own abilities. I am here in this point-in-time because someone believed in me. I am growing because someone believes in me. My roots began with this blog and supporters. I am very grateful for the ability to do good for someone else.

   There is no such thing as self made. We all need help from somebody. I am grateful my help has come from you. Thank you all for believing in me. I appreciate your support. I promise I will remain positive & grow.

Flat Twist I’ve styled in May 2013

P.S. To My family, Jamesha, Laquita, Mrs. Walker, Pam, TheSistahChick, and my Clients, I send a special thank you to all of you. I know you all love me. You speak life into me on a regular. Thank you for your love.