How Does The World View Me? 

  This video is absolutely amazing. I always wondered how the world view me.


STOP! I Can’t Love My Business Without First Loving Myself.

I Put My Love On Top For Me.

 * singing* I am the one I love. I’m the one I need! Yeaaaaaas, I just had to personalize Beyonce “Love On Top” song. lol

   On a serious note. What would happen to me if I hated myself? I would be reckless. I would be unreasonable. I would be evil. I wouldn’t have peace. I wouldn’t know how to love. I would hurt other people. I would bash their names & character behind their backs. I wouldn’t commit myself to anything or anyone. I wouldn’t be a woman of integrity. I would be a loser, a hater, sneaky as well as a fake person. I would even go as far as hurting myself.

   You are probably wondering why on Earth would I go there? What is my purpose of saying such horrible things? I had to go there. How can I motivate myself to do what is right if I don’t love myself? How can I overcome procrastination if I do not have the strength to make myself honor deadlines? How can I be professional with a reckless attitude? How can I network effectively if I am always rude, judgmental, gossipy towards others & can’t be trusted by them? How can I be angry when someone doesn’t support me when I have done nothing to show support for someone else & their causes? How can I run a business if i do not take myself seriously?

   If I am to give my business what it needs to grow, I must love & respect myself. Who wants their name attached to trash? I know I don’t. I have to put my all into my projects to make them awesome. I can’t do that without first knowing I am awesome. If I am to respect my clients time & money they’ve invested into my business, I MUST GIVE THEM 110%. I can’t give something I don’t have. I can’t be an effective entrepreneur with an “I don’t care” attitude. I have to care about everything. I have to have standards. Success begins with LOVE! Love begins within me.