Quality Photos While Using A Digital Camera

Using My Digital Camera To Capture My Work in this Visual Society.


Let me be honest, I don’t have a whole lot of money to hire a photographer every time I need to capture one of my creative hairstyling moments. I had to learn to take pictures of my own work. I must admit, I am not a professional photographer. However, I know how to capture the beauty of my work. My digital camera is one of the most important financial investments I’ve made for my business since attending Madam Walker’s Braidery & Schools. I’ve learned early in my career how visual imagery is the cherry on top of displaying a hairstylist masterpiece. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

My very first digital camera wasn’t fancy. I purchased a FUJIFILM Finepix JV from Target for $40-$60 dollars. It wasn’t a top of the line camera but it worked wonders for my business. Especially the video features which were used to upload Youtube videos. I was also able to use my photograph imagery for my website. I used the FUJIFILM Finepix JV for 5 years until my husband recently gifted me with a Nikon for my birthday.

I have learned many things about how to use my Digital Camera. I now know that outdoor photographs will capture a real unedited version of a picture due to natural lighting. I have found that when I take outdoor photographs, I do not have to edit the photo at all….unless I have to crop something out of the picture. I actually had 3 professional photographers share camera angle secrets with me that has helped me capture the beauty of my subject matter. Do you REALLY want to know what help me understand my camera? I purchased Digital Photographer; The digital photography magazine for enthusiasts and pros. I am currently reading issue 133 which has been extremely eye opening for me.

Share your thoughts. What digital camera brand is your favorite and why?


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