Salon Business Tip: Talent Isn’t Enough​

We Have To Be Educated.



Dear Diary,

Over the past 15 years, the internet has become one of many primary sources of learning new things. Recently; my Air Conditioning Unit blew out on one of the hottest days of the summer. My whole family was irritated. For three days, We were sticky and sweaty from the heat inside our house. Thank God for my husband. He went into our utility closet, wrote down the model number of our AC Unit, watch a YouTube video on how to fix it, purchased the materials, and repaired the problem. A couple of hours later, our AC Unit was good as new.

That Youtube video helped us save a lot of money on central air conditioning repairs. However, the reality is my husband is not an HVACR Technician nor has he attended an institutional training program of certification to acquire that skill. The possibility of our AC Unit breaking down again is huge because he is not an HVACR professional. A professional knows how to resolve problems where as a non-professional can only hope what they’ve done has made the issue go away.

The same rules apply to those who desire to operate in the Natural Hair Industry. We must acquire the skills to match our passion. What set hair professionals apart from those who style hair for a hobby is an education.

I would agree that there are some amazing hairstyle tutorials uploaded onto Youtube, but the talent isn’t enough to make a person a professional. Besides, Youtube is not a training institution, and most individuals showcasing hair tutorials are a novice. While giving advice, many do not use the proper terminologies of hair care and style. Some people can’t even explain how they are executing hairstyles they feature on their channel. They can’t communicate how to cut or trim hair properly. Some can’t even provide real information on how to prevent hair from experiencing damage. Again I stress, talent isn’t enough; we must attend industry related programs. Education is what set professionals apart from those who style hair for a hobby.


I learned to correctly Flat Roll in Natural Hair School.


What makes matters worse, Social Media, in general, has created “miniature celebrities” out of people who speak gibberish, furthering the spread of misinformation. I am not mad or bitter about any of these things because I know it comes with the territory. And to continue my honesty, I was once a gibberish speaking blogger/vlogger. I didn’t spread misinformation intentionally; I simply didn’t know any better. It wasn’t until I began to form relationships with real natural hair professionals and licensed cosmologist that I began to rethink the messages I was sharing with my blogging community. I decided it was time to enroll in industry-related educational programs.


If you want to be an industry professional, set yourself apart. Invest in your education.



2 thoughts on “Salon Business Tip: Talent Isn’t Enough​

  1. Rosemary

    I agree. Education sets the professional apart from the novice. To be honest there is really a need for professionals who can describe our hair type and suggest best products, treatment and styles.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keianna (KeeKee) Johnson

      Hello Rosemary. Thank you so much for your comment. I completly agree with you. Professional Hairstylist don’t mind providing valuable information to our clients. People have to be willing to ask the questions they need answers too. I have fallen in love with this industry. Thank you so much for your comment. You are awesome. ❤


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