5 Reasons Why Every Blogger Should Attend A Bloggers Conference.



Dear Diary,

Bloggers Week 2016 Unconference, hosted by the founder of Black Bloggers Connect, Jessica Ann Mitchell, gave me valuable tools to become a professional blogger.

Here are five reasons why every blogger should attend a bloggers conference.

  • Focus Group: Blogger Conferences are focus groups designed to educate like-minded people focused around one or many topics. Any questions you may have are answered truthfully because the experts are open and are willing to share valuable information with you that will lead you to success.
  • Networking: The atmosphere during blogger conferences exudes excitement among seminar instructors and attendees. It doesn’t matter if your blog is brand new (without a personal domain) or if your blog has already gained notoriety, everyone is understanding, supportive and willing to build a relationship with new people. Yes, that includes YOU!
  • One on One Conversation: Often, to get a one on one interview with an expert, you have to click on the link leading to their PayPal Account. The instructors are open to sharing additional information with you if time permits. If you happen to sit next to an established blogger like I did (Andrea C.Imafidon, Hey Girl!) you will leave the conference not only with new ideas but also feel energized to complete the goals you have set for your blog.
  • Celebration: When successful people get together to make a difference in their communities, it’s a PARTY! Everyone is smiling, taking pictures, laughing, spreading positive vibes and encouraging others never to give up on their dream. What better way to celebrate than with people who share your common interest.
  • Your Digital Footprint: No matter what brand you represent, attending a bloggers conference will help you successfully convey the messages you wish to share with your target audience. Allowing you to leave a trail of professional messages that will speak of your blogs legacy for years to come.


As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed my time while attending Blogger Week 2016 Unconference. Celebrating Multicultural Digital Media. I will be planning to attend next years event.

Share your thoughts. What do you enjoy most about attending Bloggers Conferences? If you attended Blogger Week, What were your favorite moments during the conference?


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