About Keianna Johnson


Welcome to Diary of a Budding Hairstylist.

My name is Keianna Johnson, aka KeeKee. I am an award-winning Natural Hair Care Professional. I am the owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio, where I specialize in Natural Hair Care & Braiding for Children.

Diary of a Budding Hairstylist is a personal documentation of my life as a Natural Hair Care Professional. I share my testament of being an entrepreneur, humorous stories about my clients, as well my personal victories, trials & errors as a business woman. I blog solely for enjoyment. My blog post will broadcast every Friday morning.

My Certification is in Advanced Braiding and Locking through Madam Walker’s Braidery and Schools in Maryland. My Natural Hair Industry peers recognized me with two prestigious awards: International Hairitage Awards: Children’s Hairstylist of the Year for 2015 & 2016 as well as The Master Pioneer Awards. I am Social Information Contributor for Our Natural Kids an online resource promoting natural hair health, style, and maintenance for kids which is owned by Stacy Taylor creator of The Sistah Cafe. I am also Regional Coordinator in D.C. for e-Natural/e-Braiding. An online resource/support for professional Natural Hair Stylist and Braiders. I am continuing to broaden my horizons in the Natural Hair Care Industry as a stylist, educator and public speaker where the regard for healthy hair care is held to the highest standards.

I hope to one day reread these entries and praise God for this journey he has placed me on. I can only hope that this trip blesses me more than my wildest dreams could ever bring forth. So sit back, enjoy this journey with me. I have my seat belt on, and I am ready to ride.